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Faucet & Leak Repair Services: How Much Damage Can It Do?

If you wake up at night listening to the “drip, drip, drip” of a leaky faucet, you may consider it nothing more than a nuisance. However, this problem can actually cause far greater damage to your home than you would expect. You shouldn’t ignore this issue at All American Plumbing Co. Whether you live in Houston or any other part of the country, you can count on our experts to handle whatever type of tap you have.

Why does this issue need to be addressed?

Besides wasting water, a leaky faucet can cause severe damage to your home, resulting in expensive repairs. You need to get this problem resolved as soon as possible for the following reasons.

Increasing water bills

Leaking faucets not only waste water, which is bad enough, but also lead to higher water bills. Up to 20 gallons of water can be wasted daily due to leaky faucets. You’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up. Contact All American Plumbing Co for emergency faucet and leak repair in Houston

Damage to the floor: 

As a result of a failed or loose-fitting gasket, water can leak under the base of the faucet, damaging your floor covering as well as the wood beneath. Leaving the leak unattended long enough can cause your flooring to corrode to the point that you need to replace it.

Damage to the ceiling:

Leaks under upstairs faucets can cause water stains on the ceiling below or even much more serious issues. If a portion of a ceiling gets wet enough, it may actually collapse.

Ensure that your faucet does not leak because you don’t want this to happen to you. Call or email All American Plumbing Co. at (346) 867-1165 so we can help you with faucet and leak repair in Houston right away.

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